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PCF's Next Chefs 2017 tournament is the third Next Chefs tournament of PCF to name the chefs for a future PCF's Fan Papa Louie's restaurant.

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Nicolas is one of the best skiers of the whole maple mountain, he has won a lot of first and second place prizes but more first place prizes, he loves when in maple mountain there are races of father and daughter to be able to spend more time with his daughter Lucy doing the thing that he loves, In the summer when there isn't snow he go with his daughter to Powder Point and to spend a very good time in the Sky Ninja and in the Jellyroll 20X6.

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#003: Katy (April 12, 2017)

Katy FF

Katy is a college student who is studying journalism, she lives on the outskirts of Maple Mountain but she has to travel underground every day to Tastyville to interview famous people. She has interviewed different famous people like: Papa Louie, Kayla, among others. What she likes most about living in Maple Mountain is that there are always very beautiful landscapes there, especially when the mornings are very sunny. When she gives the day off she goes to Pumpkinville to visit her uncle, Garret.

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