Papa's Fryria is the second Papa's Gameria on this wiki to be created by Papa's Cheeseria Fan and consist to make Fish & Fries in a Food Truck!

Workers Edit

I decided that the chefs of this game would be the same as my old game Papa's Sushiria, since Papa's Sushiria is already a real Flipline Studios game and the chefs are Austin and Perri.

Previews Edit

I'm going to make the Sneak Peeks fast since I was inactive a lot of time.

  • 12/02/16: Papa's Fryiria is announced! [1]
  • 12/02/16: No Holidays on Papa's Fryiria [2]
  • 12/04/16: Steve: All Cleaned Up [3]
  • 12/05/16: Sneak Peek: Sammy [4]
  • 12/05/16: Sneak Peek: Pumpkinville [5]
  • 12/07/16: Exclusive Sneak Peek: User Location [6]
  • 12/07/16: Sneak Peek: Launch Date [7]


  • Order Station
  • Cook Station
  • Build Station
  • Fry Station


As there are locations, the people that appear in the whiskview mall and also the time customers will appear in other locations, for example: let's say that we are on the first day in sakura bay then who will appear as second or third order? Answer: those who make their debut in whiskview mall and the time customers

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New Customers Edit

Closers are in Bold

Closers Edit

New customers are in Bold


Standard Ingredients Edit

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Sauces Edit

Bold for Sauces in the Fry Station

Toppings Edit

Bold for Toppings in the Fry Station

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Location Typical Ingredients Edit

Whiskview Mall Edit

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Burgerburgh Edit

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Powder Point Edit


Special Prize
Wild Tuna Chef Hat 1.5x Coin
Baco Baco Party Short Shrug 160% Points
Clasic Steak Striped Pants +2 Ticket
Green Meal Big Knapsack 155% Points
Fajita Cream Side Stripe Pants +1 CustomerStar
Oniontown Dish Shields 160% Points
Rose Salmon Long Overshirt 140% Points
Barbecue Fishsticks Sombrero 2.1x Coin
Black Ranch Denim Jeans +2 Ticket
Atomic Banana Aviators 2x Coin
Taco Sticks Banded Tank +1 CustomerStar
Carpsiago Boater Hat 155% Points
Fungus BBQ Tone Overshirt +1 Ticket
Pump Gorgonzola Wide Stripe Pants 2x Coin
Trick or Peppers Classic Vest 2x Coin
Relish SuperMix Gaming Glove 200% Points
Sour Tofu Headphones 2.3x Coin
Baconkraut Backwards Cap 2x Coin
Smoked Fishsticks Hoodie 2x Coin
Pumpkin Explosion Backpack +1 CustomerStar
Saurekraut Salad Two Tone Dark Polo +1 CustomerStar
New York Fish Scarf Wrap +1 CustomerStar
Fun-Deu Beret 190% Points
Deep-Mustard Letter Jacket +2 Ticket
Sauce Pocket Track Jacket +1 CustomerStar
Tender Buffalo Onion Knit Hat 180% Points
Hollandise Bacobites Color Sport Shades +1 CustomerStar
Wild Trout Fruit Tee (Pineapple) 2x Coin
Pilchard Crunch Flat Cap 2x Coin
Banana Seeds Army Helmet +1 CustomerStar
Sour Sour Cape 2.2x Coin
Sweety Blazer 170% Points
Calypso Friend Fiery Polo 2x Coin
Twist and Upside Short Western +1 Ticket
Fireball Oyster Groovy Headband 2.5x Coin
Midnight Fish Camping Pack +1 Ticket
Tender but Bad Skater Shoes 2.3x Coin
Tropical Olives Butterfllies 185% Points
White Cream Cowboy Hat +1 Ticket
Stroganoff Burple Tee 190% Points

Stickers Edit

Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned Sticker Picture
1 Burgerburgh Has Burgers Visit Burgerburgh Strawbuzzy S1
2 Summer Vacation Visit Calypso Island Hot Dog S2
3 Fall Harvest Visit Maple Mountain Toastwood Turkeys S3
4 Winter Wonderland Visit Frostfield SundaeSaurus S4
5 Whiskview Party Unlock all Whiskview Mall's Typical Ingredients Logo of New Year S5
6 Oniontown Spirit! Unlock all Oniontown's Typical Ingredients Heart S6
7 Go Burger Unlock all Burgerburgh's Typical Ingredients Shamrock S7
8 Sakura Basket Unlock all Sakura Bay's Typical Ingredients Cherry Blossom S9
9 Taco Loco Unlock all Tacodale's Typical Ingredients Easter Egg S8
10 Calypso Fan Unlock all Calypso Island's Typical Ingredients Bucket of Sand S10
11 Patriotic Unlock all Starlight City's Typical Ingredients Rocket S11
12 Portallini's Fries Unlock all Portallini's Typical Ingredients Panet S12
13 Maple Session Unlock all Maple Mountain's Typical Ingredients Autumn Leaf S15
14 Trick or Treat Unlock all Pumpkinville's Typical Ingredients Skull S14
15 Coooold Unlocks all Frostfield's Typical Ingredients Tree Cookie S16
16 Farm Fishes Unlock all Toastwood's Typical Ingredients Awesome Saucer S17
17 Powder Power Unlock all Powder Point's Typical Ingredients Music Notes S13
18 Hot and Ready Have Sammy's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately Checkpoint in Papa Louie Platformer Games S18
19 Preferential Treatment Have Garret's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately Powder Point Woolies S19
20 Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards Pizza Slice S20
21 Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards Luau LePunch S21
22 Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards Grilled Cheese Sandwich S22
23 Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards Warp Key S23
24 Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders Tomato S24
25 Fry Expert Get a 100% Fry Score on 20 orders Peachbuzzy S25
26 Build Expert Get a 100% Build Score on 20 orders Cupcake S26
27 Fries Expert Get a 100% Fries Score on 20 orders Dill Wheel S27
28 Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders Burgerzilla S28
29 Award Winning Fries Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic Blue Ribbon S29
30 Month's Pay Receive your wages on four Pay Days Donut S30
31 Piggy Bank Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days Disco Plumm S31
32 One-Stop Shopping Buy 50 items from the Shop Party Subs S32
33 Advertiser Buy 8 Posters from the Shop Burgerburgh Sizzlers S33
34 Interior Decorator Buy 8 Furniture items from the Shop Radish S34
35 Updated Wardrobe Buy 8 Clothing items from the Shop Brown Onion S35
36 New Coat Of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop Jill Berry S36
37 Upgrade Master Buy all the Upgrades from the Shop. Wildberry Derps S37
38 New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes Fizzo S38
39 Romano Family Serve everyone in The Romano Family Quartet (4) Tastyville Tomatoes S39
40 Scarlett and the Shakers Serve everyone in Scarlett and the Shakers (5) Bee from Maple Shot S40
41 New Faces Serve all of the new customers (7) Slice of Pie 100px
42 The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! Papa Louie S42
43 Rose Closers Add Rose Sauce to all closer's Fishsticks Radley Madish S43
44 Game Show Contestant Earn a Prize in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Game Ticket S44
45 Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Mangoby S45
46 Rare Reward Win a Rare Bonus Prize in a Mini-Game by earning a Star Medal Jellyback S46
47 Recipe Collection Earn 15 Special Recipes from customers Sundae S47
48 Complete Cookbook Earn 40 Special Recipes from customers Pepperjack S48
49 Successful Specials Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special Dill Worm S49
50 Recipe Master Master a Special Recipe by earning 5 Special Stars Cheesecake Wheel S50
51 Super Special Master 10 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each Blueberry from Maple Shot S51
52 Cookbook Mastery Master 20 Special Recipes by reaching 5 Stars on each Flipline Studios S52
53 Fish Professional Unlock all the Fishsticks Pasta S53
54 Flavorful Sauces Unlock all the standard Sauces Papa's Mustache S54
55 Upper Toppings Unlock all the standard toppings Army Onion S55
56 Perfect Fries Unlock all of the Standard Fries Chip McMint S56
57 Fry Buddy Unlock all of the standard Fry toppings Maple Mountain Flapjacks S57
58 Distance Buddies Serve a Calypso Friend Special to Sarah Pancake S58
59 Peggy on New York Serve a New York Fish Special to Peggy Mallow Men S59
60 Elegant Closer Serve a Stroganoff Special to Quinn Rocky Road S60
61 Dark Fan Serve a Black Ranch Special to Sarge Fan Sarge S61
62 Twist and Smile Serve a Twist and Upside Special to Johnny Pina Coolada S62
63 Matt's Tricks Serve a Trick or Peppers Special to Matt 2 Spatulas S63
64 Taco Matty Serve a Taco Sticks Special to Matty Tacodale Hardshells S64
65 BBQ Neighborhood Serve a Barbecue Fishsticks Special to Steve Burger Slider S65
66 Sweet Cori Serve a Sweety Special to Captain Cori S.S. Louie S66
67 Spooky Prudence Serve a Midnight Fish Special to Prudence Banana Pants S67
68 Oliveia Add extra Olives on Olivia's Fishsticks Anchovy S68
69 No Spicy Use Tender Corn and Sour Cream on Thomas' Fishsicks Cordial Bomb S69
70 Akari's Broken Diet Use Bacobites and Smoked Bacon Sauce on Akari's Fishsticks Blondie Bop S70
71 Elle's Paradise Use Mango Chilli Sauce and Sliced Banana Peppers on Elle's Fishsticks Lettuce Lark S71
72 Pauly's Diet Use Hollandise Sauce, Sauerkraut and Mushrooms on Big Pauly's Fishsticks Nutty Butter S72
73 Spooktacular Serve 20 orders on Pumpkinville wearing any Pumpkinville's Typical clothing Buffalo Wing S73
74 Location Spirit Serve 100 customers while wearing typical clothing that matches the Location Portallini Gondoliers S74
75 Santa's Twin Serve Santa wearing Christmas Hat and Fur Parka Starlight City Buffaloes S75
76 Calypso Fever Serve Chuck while wearing Sun Glasses and a Hawaiian Shirt Burger S76
77 Team Player Serve Pinch Hitwell while wearing Logo Cap and Baseball Jersey Whiskview Black Birds S77
78 Holiday Outfit Wear a shirt, belt, jacket, and hat to match the location Bacobites S78
79 Color Coordinated Dress your chef and server in the exact same outfit but with different colors. Frostfield Batters S79
80 Sakura Bay in Toastwood Use only Sakura Bay's typical decorations (3 or more items) in your lobby on Toastwood. Powseeker S80
81 Bubble Gum Bonanza Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once. Oniontown Crushers S81
82 Dance Party Use lots of musical furniture so 3 or more customers are dancing in the lobby Cheddar Mack S82
83 Get the Tables! Fill your lobby with 12 large tables Daisy from Papa Louie 2 S83
84 Loose Change Grab 250 coins while playing Papa's Raceway Coin S84
85 Stubborn Plumber Try to click 20 different red pipes in Rico's Chiliworks Chili from Hot Shot S85
86 Cookie Clickin' Strike out in Mitch's Mess by clicking 3 different cookies Taco S86
87 Roasted Tofu Leave 6 Tofu Fishsticks in the Fryer at the end of the day Blue Shroom S87
88 Wasteful Baker Throw away 5 fully-cooked Fishsticks in one day Calypso Island Coconuts S88
89 Friendly Fill-Up When dining in, put the friend's favorite Fishsticks on the customer's Order Sakura Bay Samurais S89
90 Fire Alert! Leave 6 Oyster Fishsticks in the Fryer at the end of the day Pepper from Hot Shot S90